The History of Leverage

Leverage was created in 2006 out of a need to sift through 167 pages of a forklift bid. Determining what pages needed to be submitted and what they were asking for in certain sections was overwhelming to my first client.  

He contacted me, knowing my background was in grant writing, and thought I may be able to assist.  It turned out that I could. I proceeded to assist this small business and it grew by over 200%, working less hours and having steady reliable income.

Reaching out to the community, I realized this was a dire need for many small businesses, and the planning began. We have now been in business for 9 years, have written over 1,200 proposals for industries varying from Feral Pig Removal to Gravimetrical Hydrogen Testing Equipment, and everything in between.

In addition to preparing proposals, we also offer many other services that assist businesses in all aspects of government contracting.  Please refer to the Services page for more information.